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: 관리자 : Fri, 6 November 2020, 11:31 AM

KME 2020 Exhibitor's Guideline!

Dear. Exhibitors

Greetings from Korea, KOREA MICE EXPO 2020(KME2020) Secretariat Office.


We kindly notice that in response to the spread of COVID-19, KME 2020 is going to be an virtual exhibition and it will be held from November 24 to 27, 2020.


We are pleased to inform you to attend the KME 2020 for your international MICE business.

We attached a new guideline for exhibitor and the exhibitor application form. 

Please have a look and join at KME 2020 as a exhibitor


Lastly if you would like to attend our event as an exhibitor, please refer to the below.

It will be greatly appreciated to join BCWW 2020 by November 13, 2020.



   Registration Process

Step 1. Access to the KME 2020 website (bcww.kr)

Step 2. Click the button “Registration” and then "Exhibitor Guide"

Step 3. Click the button "Exhibitor Registration", you can find the bottom of Exhibitor Guide page

Step 4. Fill out the online registration form and submit it

Step 5. Once you register, you would get invoice from KME 2020 Secretariat. 

         KME 2020 Secretariat will substitute contract for the registration form.

Step 6. Once approval is issued, you can upload your content on a webpage using your registered ID.



If you have further inquiries, please send Email (exhibition.kme@gmail.com)



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