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  • Incheon Bridge Observatory
    Incheon Bridge Observatory provides the best view of Incheon Bridge in Songdo, so visitors can enjoy the sunset of the West Sea. After walking up stairs, visitors can see wide wetlands and the 21.38km long Incheon Bridge with foundation towers as high as the 63-building in Seoul.
  • Haedoji Park
    The park was constructed under the motif of Incheon which began with the beginning of Incheon’s of modernization. The scenery of the lined wind power plants looks exotic. Visitors can see the park in one view from Songdo Hill which is 18m in height and 150m in diameter. A round-shaped music fountain at Central Plaza and a 6.5m high whale scupture are a must see. Various species of trees and well-paved tracks attract many joggers.
  • Guwol-dong Rodeo Shopping Street
    Guwol-dong is Incheon's largest shopping town. There are big department stores, outlets, import stores, and various brand stores, so visitors can enjoy a wide selection of shopping. On the first floor of the Shinsegae Department Store. there are some 20 brand name stores such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada, as well as Uniqlo, H&M, and GAP, Rodeo Street of Guwol-dong is Incheon's largest food alley. All kinds of franchise restaurants are located around Rodeo Plaza. There are chicken franchises and meat restaurants, Japanese style Izakaya, and pubs, as well as several several seafood and sushi buffet restaurants.
  • Bupyeong Cultural Street & Underground Shopping Mall
    At Bupyeong Cultutal Street, there are several rest areas such as Hanpyeong park, which boasts sculptures, fountains, benches, and outdoor strages. Various perfomances and exhibitions are held on weekends. In particular, Viking and disco of Bypyeong Viva land, which is a mini play hill located in the center of Bupyeong Cultural Street, is a must see. Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall is the busiest shopping area in Incheon.
    There are wide variety of stores. selling clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories, as well as nail art and pedicure shops. Due to cheap prices and convenient transportation, people from Seoul are also regulars. The underground shopping mall closes every 2nd 4th Tuesday of each month.
  • Sinpo-dong & China Town Area
    Sinpo-dong, which used to be Incheon's busiestareainthe 1970s, is now being revitalized throught its street art performances and festivals. At the cultural space of Sinpo-dong, various music such as pop, folk, and rock are performed. In addition, visitors can enjoy various foods such as dak gangjeong(deep fried chicken with swwet sauce), gongal ppang(pop bread), eomuk(fish cakes), jjolmyeon (spicy chewy cold noodles), and mandoo(dumplings) at Sinpo Market. China Town used to be the Qing-Japan Concession Place at the time of its opening, and some unique buildings of the two nations from that time are still remaining. In particular, a walking course called Incheon Gaehangnuri-gill Trail, which passes through Samgukji Mural Street, Jayu Park, Japanese Bank Street, Gonghwachun, and Incheon Art Platform, is also very popular.