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KOREA MICE EXPO (KME) provides PSA (Pre-scheduled Appointment) system for effective business meetings. We expect that this interactive arrangement system will maximize MICE business opportunities.

PSA (Pre-Scheduled Appointment) Process


Register as a seller
Only confirmed exhibitor can apply for the PSA (Pre-Scheduled Appointment) system and have meeting with buyers or sellers. If you want to apply for the PSA, please register as an exhibitor. Register for PSA


Choose preferred buyers or sellers
KME 2018 supports meetings not only with seller-buyer, but also seller-seller. You will be able to see basic information about buyers and sellers when PSA system opens. With that, you can find and choose buyers or sellers that you want to have meeting with and send request.


Accept request
On the PSA status page, you will be able to accept or decline the requests that you have.


Check meeting schedule
After business matching process is completed, you will be able to check your business meeting schedule at ‘Buyer PSA→PSA Status’ tap.


Download Exhibitor PSA Guideline

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